“We shape our buildings, thereafter they shape us”

– Winston Churchill

A home can be a refuge from the busy world or an inviting spot to entertain the company of others. Life’s memories are forged in the backdrop of a quality home. We at ICONICA understand that a client wants to have a personal relationship with their home.

Whether we are furnishing an elaborate residence or remodeling an outdated house we understand that the details of our work will ultimately be reflected in our clients’ pride in their home. We therefore make it our mission to deliver practical design solutions that reflects the inhabitants’ unique taste and lifestyle.

We deliver design solutions that ensure the memories your home inspires are unforgettable in the following services;

  • Interior design and furnishing
  • Extensions or Additions
  • Partial or full building renovations
  • Interior and exterior Remodeling
  • Finishing works

Our Projects

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